We are finally getting our new home!

June 09, 2019 - 3393 views

FruitfulMedia the Nonprofit ministry that runs FruitfulRadio and Fruitful Television(FruitfulTV) are just three weeks away from securing a new retail space that will house their ministries. Along with FruitfulRadio and Fruitful Television(FruitfulTV) it will also house the newest addition to their endevor, which is a brand that Co-Founder and CEO of FruitfulMedia (Matthews Media Ministries) Dylan Terrence Matthews created earlier this year.

    The ne brand which has not been released except or a minor hint on facebook that they created it. The photo was of the name LAVENDERCAT, which is said to be made public later this year.


    The new home for them means they are finally setting roots down in the new city they moved too in February. It is 99% likely it will be located within the Mixson Business Center in downtown Dothan, AL. 

We will update this when we recieve more information.