A awesome way to start the day- First15

May 21, 2019 - 2764 views

How much do we wish we could just wake up and start the day off right? I do that every morning. I recently came across a really great resource for Christians. It was relaxing yet energized me to start the day. Do y'all want to know what it was? Before I do that let me tell you how I found it. Well i was checking FruitfulRadio's twitter age for any new notifications, when i came across a tweet and comment. It was from a page called First15. People who know me know that i like to greet those who comment or like or talk to us here. I did what i thought anyone would do, figure out who First15 is. Well First15 is a Nonprofit Christian Ministry that sends you a daily message to listen to for the first 15 minutes after waking up. I thought this oughta be interesting. Well sure enough it was and it acually not helps energize me but also helps me relax before bed. It has made an impact here at FruitfulMedia and i myself am glad I found First15. You can find First15 at 


I hope that one day we can partner with them to AIR THE PROGRAM ON FruitfulRadio.

Let this peice of news reach you well.

God Bless,